Intro Coastliner 40 AC

Characteristic of the Coastliner 40 AC is the beautiful spacious sleeping cabin and the extra living space that the aft cabin offers. The yacht has a flowing stylish line. The central steering position makes clear steering possible and also provides a magnificent view of the water.

Coastliner 40 AC

Highlights (1/6) More interior space

By making a choice for the aft cabin, you get more interior space that can be used for various purposes. Think of an extra toilet, an extra sleeping place or a more spacious galley.

Coastliner 40 AC

Highlights (2/6) Clearance height

The clearance height largely determines your sailing area. The construction of the superstructure has been adapted in such a way that the radar bracket and windshields can easily fold down. By this, your sailing area is considerably increased.

Coastliner 40 AC

Highlights (3/6) Clearly arranged

If you would like to have space and overview, the aft cabin is the right choice for you. The steering position is higher in this version than in the open cockpit. So you enjoy a better view and you experience a real outdoor feeling.

Coastliner 40 AC

Highlights (4/6)

Coastliner 40 AC

Highlights (5/6)

Coastliner 40 AC

Highlights (6/6)

Coastliner 40 AC
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Specifications e.g. Coastliner 40 AC

  • L / B / D 12.00 / 4.00 / 1.10 m
  • Power source V. Deutz diesel 122 hp
  • Material Steel
  • Fuel / Fresh water 600 / 600 l
  • Cabin 2
  • Water displacement 16 tons
  • CE-approval B B

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