Intro Coastliner OC Gouverner

The Coastliner OC Gouverner is modern lined and provided with sticky glass. It has excellent sailing characteristics and the well-known light fan bow and rounded hull. The falling boeisel is also characteristic of this ship. In short: a stylish and single-storey yacht with pleasant sailing characteristics.

Coastliner gouverner 40 OC

Highlights (1/3) Virtually all the ground floor

Also the new generation Coastliner OCs are usually classified with kitchen, saloon and open cockpit at the same level, so that stairs are missing. The ships are entirely on the ground floor, leaving a few steps to the sleeping cabin and the toilet out of consideration.

Coastliner gouverner 40 OC

Highlights (2/3) Gangways around the ship

The gangways of the ship are in most cases built around. This makes it very easy to step off the ship on the jetty.

Coastliner gouverner 40 OC

Highlights (3/3) Even more space

Thanks to the extra length, you have even more room on board the new generation Coastliner OCs. That gives more layout options and more freedom of movement.

Coastliner gouverner 40 OC
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Specifications e.g. Coastliner 40 OC Gouverner

  • L / B / D 12.00 / 4.00 / 1.10 m
  • Power source V. Deutz diesel 122 hp
  • Material Steel
  • Fuel / Fresh water 600 / 600 l
  • Cabin 2/3
  • Water displacement 15 tons
  • CE-approval B B

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