Intro Pollard Cabrio 43

The Pollard Cabrio has a characteristic steep stern, spray rail hull shape and futuristic look. A beautiful combination, which originated from a unique customer wish. With its beautiful curved windshield of more than 3 meters, the Pollard Cabrio 43 is nothing short of unique, especially in combination with its CE-B certification.

Pollard Cabrio 43

Highlights (1/5) Large windows

With the large windows you can enjoy a wide view over the water. Moreover, it gives a modern and stylish character to the ship. The 3-meter-wide curved windscreen consists of a single unit and is virtually 'unique'.

Pollard Cabrio 43

Highlights (2/5) Stern and spray rail hull

The ship has the well-known 'steep stern' with a sharply tapered bow and rounded rear. In addition, it is provided with a spray rail hull so that the spray water, caused by the forward speed of the ship, is deflected and the deck remains dry.

Pollard Cabrio 43

Highlights (3/5) Low draft and passage

The Pollard Cabrio 43 has a very low draft and passage. This makes this stylish convertible the perfect choice for cruises on the Frisian lakes, through the Vecht or the Amsterdam canals.

Pollard Cabrio 43

Highlights (4/5)

Pollard Cabrio 43

Highlights (5/5)

Pollard Cabrio 43
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Specifications e.g. Pollard Cabrio 43 OC

  • L / B / D 13.60 / 4.50 / 1.20 m
  • Power source V. Deutz diesel 140 hp
  • Material Steel
  • Fuel / Fresh water 800 / 800 l
  • Cabin 2/3
  • Water displacement 20 tons
  • CE-approval B B

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