Intro Silence Cabrio 36

The Silence Cabrio 36 is ideal for water with a shallow draft and waters with a low vertical clearance. Appearance features are tough, due to its double-shaped bulge. The ship has fantastic sailing characteristics and is remarkably spacious inside. The Silence Cabrio 36 OC is a good choice if you want to enjoy open sailing.

silence 36 oc

Highlights (1/3) Tough appearance

The Silence Cabrio 36 has a beautiful appearance due to its double bulwark. The hull continues until the end of the swimming platform which gives the ship a robust appearance.

silence 36 oc

Highlights (2/3) Open sailing

Experience the thrill of open sailing. The Silence Cabrio 36 is ideal for enjoying nature. Due to its low passage height and depth you can reach places that are not accessible to others.

silence 36 oc

Highlights (3/3) Spacious interior

The Silence Cabrio 36 has everything that makes a pleasant stay on board attractive. You have access to a bedroom, kitchen, shower / toilet and a living room on board. In short, the Silence Cabrio 36 makes Cabrio an experience.

silence 36 oc
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Specifications e.g. Silence Cabrio 36 OC

  • L / B / D 10.95 / 3.80 / 0.95 m
  • Power source 80 pk Yanmar
  • Fuel / Fresh water 300 / 300 l
  • Cabin 2
  • Water displacement 11 tons
  • CE-approval B CE/C/B

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